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Our Long Island Home Staging Services can truly set your home apart from the others.  Whether your home is in Huntington on Long Island’s North Shore, or Amityville on the South Shore, or out on the North or South Forks of Long Island, we offer a variety of home staging services that are designed to assist you in getting your home sold more quickly.  Home Staging is a more cost-effective alternative to a first, or any price reduction on the home.

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Creatively Transformed is a Long Island based Staging/Interior Design, Redesign business with customer satisfaction as our #1 priority.

What separates us from our competition is the pride we take in our work.  We are proud to be the  Long Island Home Staging Company that transforms and stages your home, changing it from taste-specific to one that appeals to a broad base of prospective buyers.  We will showcase the hidden value in your home, bringing faster sales and higher profits.

We are also proud to be the Long Island Interior Design/Redesign company that can offer alternative ways to create the brand new look you desire; and where feasible,using existing furniture and accessories…at a budget you can afford.

Rave Reviews

From Yolette in Center Moriches:

Barbara was instrumental in turning my housing from a charming but dated seaside refuge to a showpiece which now looks like a pricey Hampton estate. She quickly assessed my possessions and eclectic style and suggested massive decluttering, repurposing my current pieces in different rooms, enhancing my existing atmosphere but making it ultra elegant and welcoming. Barbara did all this on my budget, purchasing very little or finding me bargains and using her designer discount to save me money. Barbara’s greatest qualities are her exquisite taste, her quiet efficiency, and her sweet but persistent determination which enabled her to get around my lovable but strong-headed husband to get the house ready in record time. She did such a good job, the house looks so fabulous, I walked through and was afraid to be asked to leave, lol, because my own house never looked so good before. Now I am not so sure I want to sell this gem of a place she left me with. I sometimes think I deserve it more than the buyers! Barbara is that good! If you need to spruce up your house for sale or for your own enjoyment, grab this lady, because her schedule is getting filled up as words and pictures of her work get around. Barbara is the best stager and will absolutely be the biggest bang for your buck. If/when I sell this house and get another one, I am calling her to set up the new one for me for sure.


From JoAnn in Miller Place:

Barbara is a miracle worker! She ‘creatively transformed‘  a small awkward attic space to accommodate my family of five. The finished area is warm and functional reflecting how well she understood our needs. She is thorough, efficient, and flexible; The project was completed on schedule and within budget. I will certainly use her again!!!”

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"Home Staging helps to convert your home from a personal style into a home with a more neutral style, presenting a turnkey package that Long Island buyers can relate to as their own."

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