Company’s Coming – A Quick Holiday Refresh

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Company’s Coming – A Quick Holiday Refresh

So you get a call saying that you will be having guests for the upcoming holidays and they are staying 4 days!  As if it’s not crazy enough with holiday preparations underway and in full-swing ~~ now the attic bedroom, in its’ disheveled state, needs a really quick refresh!!!

Three and a half weeks before Christmas I got a distress call from a client with just this issue.  Her daughter and son-in-law, along with three children, were coming in for four days at Christmas!  They needed a budget-friendly refresh, and they need it quickly.



From the pictures, it is obvious that this is a design challenge.  How can you place a queen size bed, along with two twin beds and a pack-n-play in this 12’ by 17’ room and leave space for accessing the beds?  Furniture height was a consideration too because where the eaves meet the perimeter side walls the height was only a little over 5’.  Also, the room has three small windows that don’t provide much in the way of natural light.  The only other source of light was from a floor lamp alongside the bed.  A favorite area rug was staying, which determined the color choices in the room, and a favorite piece of artwork was a must for the wall above the bed.

First step was to give the space a fresh, new coat of paint and make any repairs to the walls.  For adequate lighting, 6 high hats were installed and both the headboard and footboard were removed from the bed, which visually opened up the space.



Two small side tables were brought in for both sides of the bed, but the real challenge was placing the two twin size beds in a way the all could be accessed easily enough.  Bunkbeds would have solved that problem, but because of the height restriction on the short walls where the eaves met the shorter walls, that was not even an option.  With some researching for comfortable, size-appropriate beds, I found two items that would work very well…twin size CHAIR BEDS!image2 image3

When opened, they could be placed head-to-head along the long wall, just fitting in the space in front of the closet.  When not in use, they could be folded up to provide seating for guests.  It worked great and now the room looks neat and organized, but when the need arises, pop open the beds and everyone gets a good nights’ sleep!  Table lamps were added and new bedding purchased to tie the look together very nicely.

The hallway got a new coat of paint and a storage/linen cabinet, and the bathroom also got the benefit of this “refresh”.  With the wallpaper removed, walls repaired and repainted, tub repainted, and a new tiered shelf for toiletries,  the bathroom now looks updated and refreshed.

Layford Bath3Layford Bath1




This attic bedroom now looks neat and organized, just waiting for guests come for a short stay!

Enjoy the holidays~~~