Decorating with Oriental Influences

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Decorating with Oriental Influences

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Oriental interior decorating ideas are a modern trend.  Chinese decor is appreciated for its blend of rich colors, intricate detailing and elegant simplicity. The trick to any kind of ethnic decor is in staying true to the design principles without getting carried away and straying into caricatures of the style. Red symbolizes good luck in China, so it’s never more prevalent that in the Chinese New Year.  Travel with me to the Far-East for some Asian inspired decorating ideas.

Sticking to simple lines and lack of clutter, enhanced by rich colors and one or two intricately carved or painted pieces is the most authentic path toward a classically beautiful Chinese room. Chinese interior decor items give rooms an Asian feel, creating comfortable and peaceful modern home interiors.


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Chinese interior decor is similarly striking. Ornate pieces are complemented by simple lines and low furniture design. The use of natural wood and traditional bamboo adds an authentic feel to oriental interior decorating. Chinese interior decor is inspiring and meaningful.

We have previously discussed using bamboo.









Mix traditional and Asian elements into your design scheme for an elegant yet eclectic look.




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