Discover Hidden Treasures

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Discover Hidden Treasures

Without warning it happens; after living in a home for a number of years and looking at the same furnishings for all those years, a homeowner often sees the house or some rooms as lackluster.  They have a difficult time seeing the potential of those rooms and the furnishings in them.  They want to make a change, but where do they start?  Short of making major renovations or buying all new furniture and accessories, is there any other alternative?  YES, Interior Redesigning is a budget-friendly solution to this problem.

Interior Redesigning can bring a fresh perspective to a project to help clients achieve the look or feel they would like to create in a room, but haven’t been able to achieve on their own.  There are HIDDEN TREASURES just waiting to be discovered in most people’s homes, but they need a trained eye for design to find them.  That’s where Interior Redesigning comes in.  Interior redesign is similar to traditional interior decorating because you aim to capture the client’s personality and style.  The cost-effective benefit of redesign is that you use a client’s existing furnishings and accessories for most of the project to bring a designer look to a space that needs to be “freshened up,” or just restyled.  Interior redesign is environmentally friendly because it helps the homeowner to repurpose and get more life out of their existing furniture and accessories. Best of all it is easy on the wallet because you literally shop in the comfort of your own home!

Listed below are some minor tweaks that can make a big impact to a redesign project:


  • Try painting one wall in a room with an accent color.  The contrast brings in a pop of color without making a major commitment to the rest of the room.
  • If your home is painted in outdated colors, try lightening up darker trim or cabinets with white or cream.  The lighter colors will brighten up the space.


  • Want to bring a more current  look to a dated lighting fixture?  A new fixture in one of today’s popular finishes can make a difference.  For some fixtures, just changing the finish will be enough of a change.
  • Swapping out a ceiling fan for a lighting fixture, or adding a chandelier where the ceiling fan used to be can make a major difference.




Fabrics and Rugs

  • When redesigning a space, replacing upholstery, curtains, throw pillows or bedding, is a good way to create a refreshed look to the space.
  • Using lighter and brighter fabrics in bold prints to create a new look will breathe new life into a room that is newly redesigned.
  • Replacing window panels in today’s colorful tones, or recovering dining chair pads, or placing chair covers over  wooden chairs can bring a sophisticated look to a dining room.





Bathroom To Spa

  • Painting the walls and cabinets in a bathroom, then replacing the hardware will instantly update a lackluster bathroom.
  • Add in a new shower curtain, or if in the budget, a new shower door, light fixture and sink fixture and you’ve turned the outdated bathroom into a relaxing spa bathroom.




So if you are looking to make changes to spaces in your home, go on a treasure hunt down the hallway or into rooms.  Who knows what treasures you might find lurking in plain sight or tucked away in a corner.  HAPPY TREASURE HUNTING~~