Guest Room Chic

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Guest Room Chic

The holidays are upon us.  What kind of guest room accommodations  do you have?  Is it a sofa bed in a spare bedroom, air mattress in the basement, futon in the home office or some other kind of setup? Will your overnight guests feel like they are on a true vacation?

We have some easy ways to Creatively Transform a guest room into a retreat.

Sofa beds of yesteryear had thin mattresses and the painful bars in your back.  Fortunately, they have been improved over the years with memory foam mattresses.  A mattress topper can add more comfort to any bed.  Depending on the thickness, it might have to be removed to fold the bed up.  A minor inconvenience for a restful night’s sleep for your guests.

A beautiful comforter set can make any room feel cozier.  Throw pillows on an air mattress will just give the bed a more inviting look for guests.

Send your guests to slumber land with sweet dreams by putting chocolates on their pillows.

Pillows can make or break a good night’s sleep.  Pillows are sold at great prices in Costco or a visit to Kohl’s or Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon.  Know if your guests have allergies as down can be irritating.

Plush spa bathrobes make any stay memorable.  Make a fluffy robe part of the holiday gift for your guests.  Hang up with a gift tag or simply fold with a beautiful ribbon.

Take a look at this budget friendly attic refresh that we did just a few weeks before Christmas.

Decorate your home with holiday cards.  Wrap hanging wall art in holiday wrapping paper.  Then tape the cards to them.  It will be a unique way to display those cards.

Buy a luggage rack to make unpacking easy.

I have a collection of stationery from hotels around the world that I put in the room as a fun, novel way for guests to write notes to their friends and family.  Truly gives the hotel vibe.

Being a good host is all about those few, important details that let guests know you’re happy they’re there and want them to be comfortable. Fresh flowers on the nightstand are another special touch.

Try these ideas to elevate your guest room so they love the home they live in.