How do you Get Inspired?

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How do you Get Inspired?

With Father’s Day this Sunday, a lot of Dad memories are on our minds.  You wouldn’t think that a man who wore socks with sandals could inspire a design theme for a room, right?

This ship was my “inspiration.” A replica of a sailing ship handmade by my husband’s father and was very special to my husband.  Also, inspiring was this favorite picture hanging over the bed.bed

I created a “sea ” theme using the ship and the picture as the setting, then adding in bedding that represented the water gently washing into the shore. The decorative pillows represented the underwater sea life, shells, sand and pebbles. The “sand” colored draperies brought in the sea theme to the window treatments, and the design was finished off with accessories on top of the dresser, a seashell with potpourri and a hurricane candle holder.


I recovered the directors chair with “pebble” fabric from one of the pillows, and because this was a room redesign (previously it had been our son’s room changed into a guest room, for when he comes home to visit) I kept a little nostalgia (bears on the seat) from a time past.

Still don’t feel that you can create “the look” you would like for your project?   I can help you Creatively Transform and achieve the look you desire, by creating an aesthetically pleasing space you will enjoy until another inspiration comes or a change is desired.

Love the home you live in!