Interior Redesign

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Interior Redesign

While we are told to stay home, there are ways to Creatively Transform your home!

            Today’s task is interior redesign, also known as interior refining, and redecorating. Interior redesign is rearranging your furniture, artwork and accessories to make your space functional and beautiful.

            Go shopping in your home – removing pieces from one room that has held more than it’s share of furniture and giving them new function in another room can change the look of both rooms.   Add new life to both spaces, extend the life of the repurposed pieces.

            I have found that some homeowners may not realize the value of their possessions in a room because clutter often accumulates and can hide some truly interesting and valuable pieces.  Also, when a space becomes outdated, refreshing the look and decluttering can bring new life into the space.  Redesigning furniture pieces adds longevity to the piece, and if some  tweaking (refinishing or repair) is needed, the furniture gets a new lease on life in a new space!  Actually, if pieces were moved from one room to another, and each room was refreshed a little, then you get a double-dose of redesign!! 

            Make the most of being home! Redesign and Refresh to bring a fresh new look to your home so you will continue to “LOVE THE HOME YOU LIVE IN” all over again~~