Pops of Color

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Pops of Color

Some of the trends for the season include ice-cream pastels, glittery golds, and super zingy color pops.

Bold pops of color is one of the strongest trends this season. A variety of strong shades will transform any living space and help reflect a personal style. This trend is all about mixing bright colors together. It’s strong, but easily manageable if you have one or two main colors to start with that ‘ground’ the rest of the look.

Gelato colors are a huge trend in both interiors and fashion. Choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream can be a bit like choosing your favorite paint color. Introduce these pretty colors on a single wall or multiple if you feel brave, and accessorize with pastel hued vases, dining chairs and tableware.


With increasing news of health benefits, the humble houseplant is fast becoming the must-have buy for our homes. And it seems the more the merrier, so pop down to your local garden center and invest in some stunning plants. Place them in each room, use hanging plants for shelves and mantelpieces and some lovely leafy beauties for bare corners and coffee/side tables.


Last year the metallic trend started to filter through into paints and metal finishes, this year gold is the key color. Softer than silver, it brings its own elegance together with a sense of decadence. You’ll see gold detailing like door knobs and handles, gold lamp bases and picture frames. For a more subtle take, gold accessories are a sophisticated yet understated addition.


Any of these colors can Creatively Transform a room in your home.  Remember to always love the home you live in!