Our Long Island Home Staging Services can truly set your home apart from the others.  Whether your home is in Huntington on Long Island’s North Shore, or Amityville on the South Shore, or out on the North or South Forks of Long Island, we offer a variety of home staging services that are designed to assist you in getting your home sold more quickly.  Home Staging is a more cost-effective alternative to a first, or any price reduction on the home.

Home Staging Consultations Our consultations make the perfect choice for those DIY’ers to understand what projects to tackle first and what projects have the best return on your investment. We’ll provide a detailed report, in the order of importance, making “preparing your home for the market” that much easier.

  • Exterior Evaluation/Curb Appeal
  • Room-by-Room Analysis
  • Color ConsultationBedroom Home Staging Photo
  • Furniture Placement, Accessories & Lighting


Staging for Occupied Homes:

  • Exterior Evaluation/Curb Appeal
  • Room-by-Room Analysis
  • De-cluttering and Organizing
  • Color Selections
  • Furniture,  Accessories, Lighting rearrangement or placement

Staging for Vacant Properties and Model Homes:

Creatively Transformed proudly offers two different options for Vacant Properties and Model homes:

  • Key Room Staging:   enhancing the primary rooms providing  a  moderately furnished look
  • Whole Home Staging:   enhancing all rooms necessary


  • Client’s Home Evaluation
  • De-cluttering and Organizing
  • Color Consultation
  • Furniture, Lighting, Art and Accessories Placement
  • Shopping Service Available

Fireplace Before and After:

This outdated fireplace needed cleaning up and an update.

A total resurfacing in cultured stone has changed the outdated look of this fireplace and given it a beautiful new look!!

fireplace-bf fireplace-aft


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