Short on Storage? Think Under the Stairs & Beyond…

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Short on Storage?  Think Under the Stairs & Beyond…
Who couldn’t use some more storage, after all, you can only stretch a bedroom closet or hallway coat closet just so far.  You may have untapped storage space in the most unsuspecting places. 
When the hallway coat closet just isn’t big enough for coats, boots, umbrellas, the space under the stairway, in some instances, can serve as additional storage.  The pictures below show a unique and functional use of the space under the stairs in this home.  The decorative detail moulding “hides” the access to added storage.  How cool!

The next two pictures show how to use the extra space under the stairs leading down to the basement.  What a great use of the space, affording even more storage for toys, books, etc, anything you want to display or maybe keep together in decorative boxes.

Built-ins are also a great way to add extra storage and make functional use of the space underneath a window seat.  In these examples, the built-ins create a beautiful focal point also.

The family dog can live like royalty in this unique doghouse.dogbed
The children’s library can look like this.
This home-office would make anyone happy to be there.
Yes, you can always use more storage space; with a little creativity you can make functional use of those “nooks and crannies,” and also add some interest!   

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