Rave Reviews

From Yolette in Center Moriches:

Barbara was instrumental in turning my housing from a charming but dated seaside refuge to a showpiece which now looks like a pricey Hampton estate. She quickly assessed my possessions and eclectic style and suggested massive decluttering, repurposing my current pieces in different rooms, enhancing my existing atmosphere but making it ultra elegant and welcoming. Barbara did all this on my budget, purchasing very little or finding me bargains and using her designer discount to save me money. Barbara’s greatest qualities are her exquisite taste, her quiet efficiency, and her sweet but persistent determination which enabled her to get around my lovable but strong-headed husband to get the house ready in record time. She did such a good job, the house looks so fabulous, I walked through and was afraid to be asked to leave, lol, because my own house never looked so good before. Now I am not so sure I want to sell this gem of a place she left me with. I sometimes think I deserve it more than the buyers! Barbara is that good! If you need to spruce up your house for sale or for your own enjoyment, grab this lady, because her schedule is getting filled up as words and pictures of her work get around. Barbara is the best stager and will absolutely be the biggest bang for your buck. If/when I sell this house and get another one, I am calling her to set up the new one for me for sure.


From JoAnn in Miller Place:

Barbara is a miracle worker! She ‘creatively transformed‘  a small awkward attic space to accommodate my family of five. The finished area is warm and functional reflecting how well she understood our needs. She is thorough, efficient, and flexible; The project was completed on schedule and within budget. I will certainly use her again!!!”

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Transformed attic guestroom

Transformed attic guestroom

Twin chair beds!

Twin chair beds!



From Dori in Woodbury:

I bought a condo in September 2014 and I hired Barbara to completely (and creatively!) transform it.  I am someone who does not have a lot of free time, and I also have no experience with decoration, so I relied on Barbara quite extensively.  The first thing she did was give me a questionnaire to fill out in which I list my color and design preferences, as well as those of my two teenage children.  Although I initially looked on this with trepidation, it turned out to be beneficial in that it forced me to make certain decisions so as to give Barbara some guidance and a place to start our major project together.

She then prepared a design board in which she showed each room, giving two suggestions for each thing in each room.  She also picked out paint colors and carpeting, and hired a painter and a person to take out the old carpeting and replace with new.  She suggested replacing all of the interior doors and I am really glad I took her suggestion because they are really beautiful, and they each have brushed nickel handles.

We met a few times at different furniture stores, and Barbara also went on her own and picked out items to show me.  We worked really well together and honestly, I cannot imagine having accomplished this project with anyone else.  Her company is aptly named because she had many creative ideas, such as darkening the back of a built in shelving unit, replacing the light fixture on my bedroom ceiling fan with something more feminine, staining the wood darker on my banisters and stairs, and even moving my old bookcases from my old apartment into my storage room to use as shelves!  She also convinced me to remove an old Formica living room wall unit and replace it with something more contemporary, and that really made the room.  The pièce de résistance was without a doubt a chaise lounge that she placed in an alcove in my bedroom.  It was one of the most inexpensive pieces we purchased, yet the one item that almost everyone comments on and loves the most!


My bedroom went from plain to palatial!

I was able to go to work while Barbara handled the furniture delivery and all of the work.  After I moved in, she continued to pick out decorative items that really made each room special, such as lamps and wall art.  She was such a pleasure to work with and I absolutely love my condo.  I have been recommending her highly to everyone I know, and all of my friends and family have nothing but high praise for the job she did.  I did not even trust myself to work with a decorator but she made things easy and fun.

I do so enjoy the condo, and sometimes I walk around here thinking how much happier I am here and how much you helped make it so special :)