The Home Decor Trend for Fall is Velvet!

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The Home Decor Trend for Fall is Velvet!

Long sleeves, knit sweaters, jackets and scarves: Fall fashion is all about adding layers for maximum warmth and comfort. The same goes for the home, and with pieces that are just as cozy. Let’s focus on our favorite cool-weather material—plush velvet.  It is ideal for giving your home its own seasonal wardrobe update.

Sofas, accent chairs, headboards—velvet furnishings come in a variety of forms, and for good reason. The material is a fail proof way to add a layer of luxury to a room (it’s long been associated with nobility), due in large part to its beautifully subtle sheen.


Surprisingly versatile, velvet can lean either modern or traditional. Velvet brings a note of bold glamour to a classic space while maintaining the overall refined ambiance. Even though the fabric feels especially appropriate for fall, we say velvet, at least for the home, works in all seasons.

If you’re not keen on diving headfirst into velvet, a single pillow on the bed is an easy place to try out the trend—and to instantly warm up your sleep space for the cooler months.


There are thousands of great choices available here or at many local stores.