The Perfect Seat

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The Perfect Seat

Finding the perfect seat for your seat is a personal decision!  Think about all of the television shows that have characters with “their spot to sit in.”  Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory has his spot on the couch.  Archie & Edith Bunker’s chairs are displayed in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Chairs from "All in the Family"

Chairs from “All in the Family”


We recommend sitting a while in the chairs that speak to you. A chair’s purpose can determine the look and feel. Your reading and napping chair will look and feel different from that extra seat you buy for the guestroom.  Accent chairs are perfect for adding personality to your space. Placement is key. Creating a sense of ambiance in a room is important. Your new accent chair should make the room look more inviting — not cluttered.


Our best rules to follow are to first ensure you pick the right patterns. If your sofa is a solid color you can enhance it with accent chairs in bold patterns and prints. A room that is lack-luster can be Creatively Transformed!  Zing-up a dull room by adding patterned accent chairs.chairNext is the style, which must not be too divergent from the style of the rest of the room. Pick the right style that compliments your other furniture. You’ll need to decide whether it should be a recliner which works well in a contemporary setting, wing chairs if you have classic style furniture or slipper chairs that can transform your home décor setting into something out of the Victorian era.

Finally, you must pick the right kind of material with the right kind of texture. If your sofa is upholstered with leather, for instance, your accent chairs can be color coordinated velvet, damask, cotton, or wool.

Styles of Accent Chair

  1. Slipper chair (armless)
  2. Wing-back chair (winged sides, tall backs)
  3. Recliner
  4.  Tub chairs
  5.  Bergère (wood frame surround, upholstered seat, and back)
  6.  Club chair (deep armchair)
  7. Chaise lounge
  8. Rocking chairs
  9. Occasional chair (usually arm-less, easy to move around)    accent+chairs                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Add a touch of class and comfort to your room with an accent chair. Always love the home you live in.