Transform Master Bath into a Hidden Sanctuary

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Transform Master Bath into a Hidden Sanctuary

Think about the serenity of a spa.  Luckily for you, your bathroom offers the same type of personal area to de-stress, detoxify and unwind as professional spas. We have some easy ways to Creatively Transform your master bathroom into a private oasis.

A neutral palette simplifies the environment- White or light hues of blue, green and sand offer a relaxing feel, which is why spas use this as a preferred palette. Stay away from active patterns, like checkered or stripes, since they offer the opposite effect.


Hide your toiletries- Clutter tends to induce stress, so make sure you eliminate all of your unnecessary products. Spas usually keep their toiletries out of sight, so follow the same track and tuck away your products in your linen closet or under your sink. Store daily items, like Q-tips, cotton balls and makeup, in glass apothecary jars –allowing them to blend in as part of your scenery.

Turn your bathing into a pampering experience- Invest in some plush towels or cozy bathrobes that are soft and absorbent. Whether you choose to start your day with a shower or end it with a purifying bath, your time spent cleansing should be a relaxing one. A simple shower head swap to a rain shower head mimics the fall of natural rain.


Towel warmers gently warm bath linens quickly with affordable luxury. Designs range from freestanding plug-in units to wall-mounted wire racks. They have an added benefit of keeping damp towels from becoming mildewed.

Swap fabric rugs with nature-inspired bath mats- Include an extra element of nature by adding a unique bath mat. In traditional bathrooms, people usually opt for soft rugs made of fabric. While there’s nothing wrong with this, choosing an alternative style can add a spa-like feel to the room (and omit the need for a soggy piece of fabric on the floor).

Pebble bath mat: Not only does a stone-covered bath mat add a natural element of rocks to your bathroom, but its texture actually massages your sore, achy feet.


Cedar wood bath mat: Cedar wood is affordable, water resistant and soft, making it great to step on.


While you can’t live in a spa, you certainly can make a few changes in your home to get the same calm, relaxing feeling to love the home you live in.